R.P.A. - Rosati Perizie Assicurative Srls a technical services company based in Milan that deals with appraisals, estimates and consulting in the insurance sector, operating in Italy as well as abroad. Established in 1990 by industry professionals, each with an extensive background in the petrochemical industry, R.P.A. has transferred its expertise and know-how to insurance appraisals for fire and natural disasters, specializing in managing complex claims in engineering, property, energy, and civil liability. R.P.A.′s clients include insurance companies, oil and chemical companies, energy and manufacturing companies, construction and major public works companies, as well as those involved in project financing.

Basic Insurance:
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Additional guarantees
  • Natural disasters
Property All Risks
  • Direct property damage
  • Consequential damage
Technological Risks:
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Construction CAR, EAR, ALOP
  • Posthumous decennial insurance
Civil Liability:
  • Third-party liability
  • Environmental pollution liability
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability
  • Pipelines for methane and oil transportation (CAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance + All Risk coverage policies)
  • ENI group refineries (CAR/EAR + ALOP + all Operational Risk policies)
  • Industrial settlements in the petrochemical sector (CAR/EAR + ALOP + All Risk coverage policies)
  • ENI and SNAM pumping stations (CAR/EAR + ALOP + All Risk coverage policies)
  • Power plants (CAR/EAR + ALOP + All Risk coverage policies)
  • CHigh-Speed Train Construction Sites: CAVET, CAV TO-MI, CEPAV 1, CEPAV 2 (CAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance + All Risk coverage policies)
  • Railway construction sites (CAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance policies)
  • Metropolitan lines: MM3 Milan line; MetroBrescia; MM4 and MM5 Milano Lines (CAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance + All Risk coverage policies)
  • Motorway construction sites: Autostrade Puglia + Autostrada Serravalle + Pedelombarda + Milan Outer Ringroad + Autostrade Venete + Autostrade Valle d′Aosta + ... (CAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance + All Risk coverage policies)
  • Claims for natural disasters, such as floods, river flooding, earthquakes, avalanches, storm surges and other atmospheric events that have affected industrial sites, ports, power plants, buildings and more/li>
  • Damage to turbines, turbogas, transformers, generators, power plants (CAR/EAR + Posthumous Ten-Year Insurance + All Risk coverage and machinery breakdown policies)
  • General fire insurance claims
  • Pollution claims resulting from deliberate damage to ENI oil pipelines
  • Claims on gas user policies from Snam/Eni (explosions, fires, third-party liability)
  • General, Product and Professional liability claims
  • Theft, robbery and arbitration claims; CTP (Civil Third Party) claims on behalf of insurance companies or insured parties in ATP (3rd-party professional arbitration) or CTU (technical appraisals)
  • Party-appointed appraisals on behalf of insured parties
  • Third-party appraisals in mediation committees
Francesco Rosati, qualified architect
A founding partner of R.P.A. S.r.l., registered with the Milan Chamber of Commerce as an expert appraiser since 1991, an AIPAI member since 1993, and senior loss adjuster since 2012. Francesco graduated in chemical engineering from the University of Pisa in 1969.  He has worked in the design, construction and management of inorganic, organic, petroleum and pharmaceutical chemical plants with well-known Italian companies in the sector, such as Garbato (chemical plants) S.r.l., Inego/Protec S.I.R., and Montedison.
From 1976 to 1979, he was involved in applied research at the G. Donegani Institute (Novara, Montedison) as Head of the New Catalysts for the Polyolefins Project - Ziegler – Natta. He also served as Director of Production and Maintenance, as well as Management Control at Montedison and Caffaro until 1982. Upon leaving the chemical industry, from 1982 to 1990, he held the position of Technical Director at S.T.A. (Insurance Technical Services) of Marco Cincotti and SIA (Insurance Engineering Company) Spa in Milan, specialising in appraisals and estimates of industrial and civil real estate and assets. In 2017, he obtained the Insurance Adjuster certification (Perito Liquidatore Assicurativo) according to the UNI 11628 standard, Law 4/2013 – Art. 9, C.2 – Certificate no. 256 (2016).
Paolo Asti, qualified expert
Paolo is the firm′s loss adjuster for basic insurance claims, technological risks and also complex claims. He graduated as a Thermotechnical Technician in 1988 in Milan. From 1989 to 1992, he worked as a Loss Adjuster at S.T.A. Srl (Technical Insurance Services) and Studio Cincotti Srl in Milan, handling claims related to basic and technological risks. Since 1992, Paolo has been a partner and executive at R.P.A., overseeing claims in Basic Branches, Third-Party Liability (RCT), and Complex Technological Risks, including managing the catastrophy claim for the ENI "OIL" TR-24 Trecate (Novara) well eruption.
n the years 1994/96, he completed the Master CINEAS as a Loss Adjuster in Insurance Engineering at Milan Polytechnic. He became a member of AIPAI in 2003 and a Senior Loss Adjuster in 2012. He attended the Master’s CINEAS "ELA" (Expert Loss Adjuster) course in 2015/2016 and was awarded the title of Expert CLASS (CINEAS Senior Specialist Loss Adjuster). In 2017, he obtained the Insurance Loss Adjuster’s certification (Perito Liquidatore Assicurativo) according to the UNI 11628 standard, Law 4/2013 – Art. 9, C.2 – Certificate no. 250 (2016)
Alessandro Rosati, PhD (Architecture)
The firm’s loss adjuster for basic insurance claims in Rome and central Italy. He graduated as a Surveyor in 1990 from the "U. Ciancarelli" Technical Institute for Surveyors at Rieti. In 2001, graduating in Architecture from the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, followed by his professional qualification in 2002. He is also certified as a safety technician for installations and for energy certifications of buildings.
From 2001 to 2003, Alessandro collaborated with R.P.A. on claims related to civil works, damages to gas networks and shipyard flooding. From 2003 to 2008, he worked with architecture firms Caravaggi & Crescioni/Rogedil/Rossetti in Rome, focusing on the restoration of historical buildings, urban regeneration plans, and safety monitoring and coordination for construction sites in Lombardy and Liguria. Since 2008, he has been collaborating with R.P.A. on claims related to damages to civil buildings covered by CAR/EAR insurance policies.
Giancarlo Bono, PhD (Engineering)
Having been awarded his degree in Civil Engineering from Milan Polytechnic in July 1972, Giancarlo then worked there as an associate assistant from 1976 to 1981, on the Structural Design course, and from 1998 to 2002 on the course of Structural Projects.
He is registered with the Order of Engineers of Como and Lecco as a specialist in the following categories: geotechnics, foundation works and tunnels, reinforced concrete structures, static consolidations, earthquake specialist (Friuli/Emilia Romagna) and pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures. Giancarlo is also appears in the Regional Register of Inspectors for reinforced concrete structures. His expertise includes: being a planner and works director for railway and road bridges; a designer of railway and underground railway structures; a designer and works director for industrial, civil and residential prefabricated structures made of ordinary, prefabricated pre-stressed concrete, and laminated wood, as well as for interventions involving structural recovery and renovation.
Roberto Ruggieri, PhD (Engineering)
A graduate in chemical engineering from Milan Polytechnic in 1970. Starting in 1971, Roberto worked in the process design and planning of chemical and petrochemical plants at various engineering companies, including Ingeco, Protec, ACNA (part of the Montedison Group) in 1973, Badger (Netherlands) from 1974 to 1977, K.T.I., and Badger Italia from 1977 to 1984. He also worked at Techint (an engineering company) in Milan from 1984 to 1987. From 1987 to 1998, he served as the director of design and development, and later as the technical director at SISAS (chemical and petrochemical sector specialists). Since 2000, he has been working as a consultant in the field of industrial risks, focusing on direct and indirect damages as well as LOP (loss of net profit) and ALOP (additional loss of profit).
Nicola Ranaudo, MA (Architecture)
Having obtained a master′s degree in architecture from Milan Polytechnic in 2002, Nicola is a freelance professional registered with the Milan Order of Architects, specializing in urban and architectural design. He provides consultancy services for numerous architectural firms and engineering companies, with experience both in Italy and abroad.
Since 2010, Nicola has been working as a loss adjuster, collaborating with leading appraisal companies and firms, handling both basic insurance and complex claims. Additionally, he serves as a party-appointed technical consultant for major insurance companies.
Gaudenzio Arcolin, qualified ITC expert
A graduate as an Industrial Electrical Technician in 1982. Since 1989, Gaudenzio has been working as a freelance loss adjuster collaborating with leading appraisal companies and firms, handling basic insurance and complex claims for major insurance companies.
Sergio Valenti, qualified electrician
A technical graduate in Industrial Electronics in 1974. Since 1982, Sergio has been involved in the design of industrial electrical / electronic systems through his own design and construction company. He also works as a loss adjuster for basic insurance claims and technological risks (Electrical-Electronic and Photovoltaic systems) using thermal imaging equipment, including drones, and holds the relevant certification licenses.
Caterina Lani
Our indispensable company secretary


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